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Billet-doux.. (part-II)

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Veronica fell back on the couch. The tiny closed note sat on her lap awaiting to be opened. It weighed less than a feather. Contemplation hit her bad. That one day in Paris had such an impact on her. It came back like a rebound. Wonder… Anticipation exalted! She slowly opened it.


I’m glad you found this. I hope you liked the painting. I’m sorry that we did not get a chance to talk.That is the only picture I ever clicked of you and now it is there with you. But your memory remains. I shall understand if you do not wish to write back to me. It’ll be a start. You know where to find me.I shall wait…

Au revoir!

She carefully closed the letter. She experienced a feeling unknown. It was joy yet sadness, it was anxiety yet relief, it was hope yet the end of tunnel. She decided to go on a drive, she thought it would maybe lead her to the right place.

By the end of that day, she was still as hopelessly confused as when she was in the morning. She had parked her car on a cliff. She gave one thorough glance around her. The landscape which looked green during day was now a shade of deep violet. The crickets chirped amidst silence. The birds glided up high in the vast sky. Veronica wanted this moment to stay still forever. She finished the last of her candy-bar and sat back in her car. She pulled around, drove back on the same road she had reached this point. No turns, no deviations, just the highway. One straight path.

She entered her room and switched on the dim light. She opened the walk-in closet, stepped inside and slid the door behind. She walked till the end of the hung clothes. It was Adam’s world. Her husband who was on a mission, he had left 2 years ago and from whom she had not heard ever since. She removed the Pilot’s uniform from the hanger. The familiar smell of Burberry surrounded her.

She had made her choice to wait. She had to go on with it. Two years had not deterred her faith that Adam would return and it would not change now either. Memories flooded back, she felt at ease again.She stepped out from there.

She took the letter and placed it back behind the painting. It did not hurt and the dilemma faded gradually.  Paris was a tiny bump which rocked her but Adam was her concrete ground.

Lightheaded, she danced away to a Kenny-G.



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Velib !

There was a long queue and there were certainly 20 more people before Veronica could reach the ticket counter. She saw the bald man who was getting cranky and could  hardly wait for his break. It took few more minutes and the bald man finally slapped her a ticket. She ignored his rudeness and just walked over to choose a bicycle and there it was, an over-used black cycle. She grabbed the handle but felt a shake from behind.

‘Bonjour’ ! he greeted her with a perfect French accent. That extremely charming face did not impress her, she chose not to answer back. She inserted the key and rode away.

Veronica stopped before Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. She was mesmerized by the architectural brilliance. She fell for it even before she had taken a tour of the inside. Her eyes met a treat as she walked in, so much that she could not describe nor marvel the beauty of it beyond a point.She could not decide what to memorize as every inch of the interior was breathtaking. By noon she finally realized how famished she was and decided to binge on local delicacies in a cute cafe across the street. She had a satisfactory lunch and washed down her grub with a glass of red wine. Although the wine did not make her feel tipsy, she deserted her bike and decided to take a walk.

She strolled down a narrow lane..At first she thought  it was just one house but then she noticed the similarity. It was the painters’ lane. Every house had its owners touch to it. She walked into the small gate and came to a halt.

She saw a man painting so effortlessly seated on a high-stool and his back to her. Every stroke seemed so bold and fearless.  She was bemused ! She was tempted to enter the patio instead lost herself staring at the painting. He suddenly turned back, she blurted out a hello and saw that familiar smile spread out. She felt embarrassed and utterly failed to say something sensible to explain her presence there.

He walked up to her and invited her to come inside. She almost said no but a second thought led her to a magical space. Every painting in the room virtually spoke to her and she could not hold back her compliments.
He offered to paint her on the canvas and she felt delightful and instantly agreed to it. Two hours later she saw herself on the canvas like never before. She had never realized how pretty she was until this moment. She thanked him and got ready to leave.But he persuaded her for dinner cooked by him. She confessed to him that she could not decide which part of the day was the most favorite after the meal.

The next morning, it was already time to leave city. She reached the airport an hour early. She killed time visiting various duty-free stores and picking up goodies for family and friends back home. The final boarding call was announced, as she was proceeding towards the gate she heard her name and she knew it was not the airport authorities.She looked behind and there he stood with the painting in one hand and a single lily in the other. He bid her goodbye.

Back home she was looking at the painting, she found a small sign on the right bottom corner and only then she got to know his name. As she was hanging the painting an envelope fell on the ground. She ripped it open to find a picture of hers riding the cycle. She turned it around expectantly for a message and there it was…..