Hey there!

Dear readers, co-bloggers and also those who just happened to find my page. Glad you stumbled across!

You can call me Madhuri. I’m a student of Law and a breath away yet from graduation. Hoping to be a full-fledged Lawyer soon and then plunge away to rescue the needy and not-so-needy ones too probably 😛 Passion-wise, Reading has been one thing which I’ve pretty much managed to cling on-to since…..Forever ! Then, out of the blue or maybe that little space in my heart gave way to prove my writing abilities. 🙂

Like the majority in the world and not in a way like ‘follow-the-herd’ types, I love Traveling, watching movies on Friday nights!

Anyway, here I am, to write, share and also get inspired from each one of you!

Do read, enjoy and drop in a feed-back. It shall count and  flicker a jolt in me, and yes…. in a totally good way 🙂

Thanks again.


Yours truly,

– M!


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