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Universally accepted?

Posted in Energy, Positive thinking, Universe on January 12, 2016 by madhuripratinidhi


“Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho… Toh puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.” A line like this sounds extremely magical and positive when the King of Bollywood cinema, Shahrukh Khan, delivers an extremely cosmic dialogue in a highly romantic movie of his: Om Shanti Om.

Toying with the famous SRK line, here are some questions. They say you can give out vibes to the Universe and it absorbs them. Then it returns the favour by giving it back to you based on you feelers. For example, could a simple wish like, “How I wish I get a paid leave today!” Perhaps, on a broader spectrum, we can understand this as karma cafe. For those of you who are not aware of this word, rather the concept karma, it means resultant position based on a person’s deeds. But anyway, limiting it to the Universe, is it possible?

My query is how can just mere thoughts act as vibrations, give out signals to the Universe? There is enough information out there on the internet of course. There are also several websites that let users address their issues by leaving messages on their pages. Messages for instance, wherein a person can ask the Universe to help/grant him/her peace, joy and happiness and the like. There are forums where experts guide people to reach their goals with the assistance of Universe.

So, what then is this Universe? Setting aside the precise dictionary meaning, let us understand that Universe is basically everything. The good, bad and the ugly. So in this everything, we exist. We are a part of it, in an insignificantly tiny way. We belong in it. Even if in a nanoscopic, limited and mortal way, we are here in it. But, do we possess the power to poke this mammoth sized Universe and wake its reciprocity?  There are people who firmly believe in this process. This positive set of people opine that we all need to believe in this truth, in an undeterred way. And yes, we do get lucky when the Universe hears us and grants wishes. What would the famous Suits star, Harvey Specter say about something like this? His famous quote, “I don’t get lucky, I make my own luck.” gives us an angle of this world where people are too busy to be thinking that wishes come true by just wishing. Such practical people may call it delusional. They probably don’t believe that it can be so easy. They may think we are too minuscule for such kind of a cause and effect. Whereas, some have neither heard nor tested this theory. When asked, a friend said, “what is the harm in trying?”, while another one said, “you have to believe in it completely.” Be it yes or a no, by concluding, are we simplifying without actually paying attention as to what it could mean?

For some, it is a serious business. Practitioners believe that an individual needs to first make a wish. Let the wish settle within yourself and not just treat it like a whim. Make it a priority. Using your own centered positive energy, meditate upon it. This technique helps an individual in self-empowerment. The belief in ones own being and the existing energy increases. Human cognition is acknowledged as a greater force which can emit and attract energies. Having said so, there is no personal experience. A string of thoughts propelled into a write-up. For all we know, it could be a series of coincidences or it could actually work.

Should it be left for an SRK as a mere dialogue or start believing in it as an aftermath of Bollywood movie? Differing opinions do cause confusions. Shall we say, to each his own?


A Happy 2016!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 1, 2016 by madhuripratinidhi


As per the Gregorian calendar, it was December till a day ago. 24 hours cannot possibly make a difference anytime else than on a New Year’s day. The sixty seconds between 11:59PM to 12:00PM has the mighty power to move on to a whole new year. The excitement and hope it brings with it and then carries forward is huge. But, having said so, we also find the clear divide between people; one set who celebrate and then the other half, which is quite pessimistic about it. Does Chandler Bing’s name from the famous American sitcom ring a bell, who boycotts every Pilgrim holiday so religiously? But, in the end, we see that the cynic in him dies as he celebrates a Thanksgiving evening with his friends in a cozy apartment.  Further of course, the clash of ideas between religious practices exist. I have heard numerous people wish on New Year’s day but that comes with an added clause; “This wish is according to ‘English’ calendar only.”. The point being, regardless of whatever kind of New Year it is, is it not a good chance to celebrate yet another day with your loved ones? A word of caution is that I may digress hereon.

With every New Year comes the invariable memory of the past year. As I type out this post on 1st January, 2016, I am trying to recollect my year of 2015. Speaking for myself, I can say that it was relatively a good year. I did see my growth bar rise in terms of getting a degree, switching careers, being able to pay bills etc. These are things in life that help a person’s learning curve, make him/her feel worthy and gives the strength to face the world. So, yes, they are certainly important to feel complete. But, is that all that is to life? What about love?

Love, for others, for self, for pets, for things we want to do, for making memories, is just as important as finding a ground professionally. As each year passes, we become more and more distant from people we love. Not literally, because you see Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp does not let us stay away. We cave-in to current trend and manage to be glued to everybody through these social platforms.  Are we actually able to “connect” to one another? Yes, Skpe makes it easy to chat with a friend who stays abroad, Whatsapp chats help us share everything and a Twitter portal transforms an ordinary person into an influential guru whom people can follow. But, isn’t this very magical power creating a mirage wherein we think we are together. But, are we?

We are actually living in an era wherein parents and children communicate via chat applications on mobiles whilst they live in the same house, sometimes the same room. Friends who catch-up after ages are bothered about who will check-in first or how to get the best ‘selfie’ for the hour. We can proudly say that we enjoy being slaves to our phones than share a decent conversation with a loved one.

Year by year, the power of Social media is increasing, but the importance of human value is depreciating. With introduction of mobile phones and various other gadgets, we have forgotten to love people who are for real, whereas we love their image on a social platform. We have forgotten to love ourselves and do things that give us happiness (minus of course being online).

Fortunately, there is still time. There are people out there who live for real. Although, such souls are now called outcastes. Why? Because, they are untouched, unfazed by this mirage. They do not fit-in, they are the ones who do not give a damn about getting likes on a new profile picture or uploading picture of a dish before they can eat and savour the taste. A film called ‘While we were young’ depicts a part wherein a young man decides to use the power of Social media and re-connect with his school-mate but the catch here is, they meet for real. To have an actual face-to-face conversation, for a real update. How cool is that?

With the New Year ringing in, it would be great to keep things real and not just online. Zuckerberg and Gates are supremely happy that the world is running according their plans. Why should they be the only winners here? Accommodating a way of life that is simple, real and not virtual would be like a breath of fresh air. Would it not be great to skip a chat with a friend on mobile and actually get around meeting each other? To sit down in the living room and share a family talk rather than staring at mobile screens?

Spread love, real love. Not that love tainted with a mere idea of togetherness. New Year should be about sharing values, experiences and making memories with each other rather than sharing a picture of it online. A very Happy New Year 2016, readers. Share some joy and most importantly, keep it real.