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Who is Farhan Akhtar?

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fbThis piece is dear to me, it is special and it is so because it happens to be about Mr. Farhan Akhtar. So, Farhan is a Bollywood star to the world with some excellent and unforgettable roles, which began with Rock On and spreads till the latest film called Shaadi Ke Side Effects. His performance in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (a National Award winning film) proves his mettle as a true performer. The first time I watched Rock-On, I dragged every other person I knew to the theater to watch it just yet one more time. The music touched my soul, the chords of friendship in the film strengthened my very own relationships just like Dil Chahta Hai help me find true friends. My point here is, each of Farhan’s movies always helps stir an emotion which we would have taken for granted or forgotten that we have it within us. In my imagination, meeting him was like eating dessert. May be like a slice of heaven lasting for  a briefest moment but extremely worthy.

Soon came the first opportunity to watch his music-concert, which I knew would blow my mind and it did. But, the most incredible thing happened. I got to meet him moments before the concert and when I asked for a keep-sake autograph, he gladly signed and posed for pictures with no qualms. He talked, joked and made us all smile from within. Time froze yet I felt alive with his presence around. It was surreal, but he was before me. This moment was worthy to wish for a time-machine.

Well, I was not granted a time-machine but I got another chance to meet him few months later. I was lucky to be a part of a contest; Your Voice Their World, which is an initiative to lend voice to help the blind population by creating a digital audio-library. Unlike the mad-hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland, the event organized by #Omron was promising, certain, filled with goodness. What I did not expect is his unending charm and humour which he retained throughout the meet. As a lay person having read so much news about star tantrums, we tend to create a mental image about stars. But, Farhan was most friendly, unfazed by the overwhelming attention and the spotlight being on him. On the contrary, he broke the ice, managed to strike insightful conversations with everyone around and had encouraging words coming through. The two hours spent with him was pure happiness because it was all about poetry and a social cause. The difference between my first meet and the second was essentially the time-frame. Any star could make that quick shining impression within seconds and be sugar-sweet but, his presence, attitude in that milieu lasting for a substantial time convinces a fan like me that he is not pretentious, but is fan-friendly, smart in approach, funny with quick responses, sensitive to the subject and spontaneous. When I gifted him a collage I’d made, that mercury memory recognized the previous meet. He took time to even appreciate my effort. image(5)

Farhan, who is a multifaceted individual, is widely popular for his Bollywood movies, some of which he has Directed and Produced as well. He launched the #ZindaHoTum musical tour and #FarhanLiveBand has performed across the country and also international locations for the same purpose. The band has a huge fan-base from all over the world and its growing popularity will remain unmatched. The reason being their unique music, high energy and instant connection with almost all age groups. From a personal experience, what I witnessed in the Belgaum concert, I can assure that every single audience had the time of their lives. Even a child hummed the tunes effortlessly and craved for more. A grand-pa waited till the stage was empty and walked out with a hearty smile and twinkle in his eyes along with his wife. The over-night travel to the destination and the eventual time spent was worth every beat of life for me.

This ambidextrous guy is associated with various Social causes including the #YourVoiceTheirWorld initiative. His very own #Mard campaign which bears an objective to battle rape is a highly appreciable service.  His endeavour to meet new challenges and make a difference in the society is what makes him special from a battery of other stars. And his humility and honest work makes him a finer human-being. Wishing Farhan and his team all the luck for many more of such commendable activities. To sum-up, Farhan Akhtar cannot be described in countable adjectives nor can be listed under particular headings. A close encounter gives a beautiful experience which is inexplicable but can only be cherished.

P.S – He also gave me a message at my request.

Me: “If there is anything you could tell me, any piece of message about/for me?”

Farhan: “I don’t know what is that I could tell you, but you are a confident person and knows what she wants to do. With the support of your parents and your friends as you say they do, the world is your oyster.”

This remains the best message till date. 🙂 xoxo Shine On!

P.P.S – Thank you #Omron, #YVTW for this splendid opportunity. Your cause is noble, wishing grand success, may your project reach its zenith and help to fulfill the objective. 🙂 I’ve found great friends who deserved the victory. Congratulations to the winners. 🙂 @Prochy @Harshitha @Kanhaiya @Angad Special thanks to @Amiya and @Adee, a team equivalent to mammoth army! 🙂 I urge all my friends, family and dear ones to lend a voice and help this cause and optimize its potential!farhanomon-4b