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Time-clutched !!!

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Friday, Dec 13 [7:00 P.M]

It was a night before the very popular ‘Giant Dance Star’ (GDS) show. Bree stood behind the massive drape. She was trying to imagine the actuality commencing from this moment. The next 48 hours would either make it or break it for Bree! She recounted her entire week and got lost in the train of thought. IF ONLY…..!

She had woken up Monday [9 Dec] morning feeling excited.  She walked out of a steaming shower and checked her wounds. She bruised like a peach. But her lean frame was almost perfect. She had lost 10 pounds easily. She was fitter than never before.She mentally worked out how much concealer she would need to hide them those wounds which were very prominent on her shin and shoulders.

She had rehearsed endlessly for 3 months now. Yet, decided to go over the entire chunk once more. Just her….no setting.. She danced like an angel with all her soul. And this was quite a scene by itself. Truly she was blessed. She knew her strengths and weaknesses like none else and she worked on them even before someone could flash errors at her. She was confident.

The next two hours did not prove futile. Another round of rehearsal added up to the already  huge number of zillion. Like always she felt inadequate and the urge to be the best always motivated her further. She reclined on the masseuse chair for a session of good self-therapy and looked out at life-size MJ on the wall. And what do you know! Micheal Jackson literally walked out from the wall mounted poster and this was not something new for her being a hardcore MJ fan! Bree was a thorough professional and she refused to cut some slack for herself. She heard a knock on the door and she guessed it was Tanya. She poured out Tang in two glasses and waited.

The temperature was scorching. Tanya, Bree’s best friend drove into the gate. She rang the door-bell. She waited few moments and started looking for the spare key. Both of them knew the common hides which changed every week. She slid her hand behind huge laughing Buddha’s torso and voila! She grinned at that adorable ever laughing guy and opened the door.  She had expected to find Bree prancing around like a deer. But she found her nowhere. Tanya found this strange as she had spoken to Bree about an hour ago and made plans for a quick lunch.

Merle Haggard hummed away ‘mama tried’ on the local FM station. Tanya did not bother to put off the music player. Nala, Bree’s Persian cat yawned. She was a royal and never budged for anyone. When she was picked, she almost scratched,  then looking at Tanya’s face, God blessedly did not.Tanya combed through the mansion and failed to find Bree anywhere in the house. Honestly, it was quite a task as it was a massive property. Bree had succeeded a strenuous and quite-a-drag contested litigation against unnecessary and so-called distant relatives. If not for the litigation, Bree would otherwise be the rightful owner years ago. It was her beloved grand-mother’s bequeath in her favor. Bree had lost her parents quite young to a disastrous car wreck and it was her granny who was Bree’s everything but mainly her GODMOTHER. Sadly, she could not keep up her promise to see Bree winning the ‘GDS’ although she knew it from the day Bree was born that she was meant to dance. She had even made an offhanded prediction that Bree’s feet were very unique. Good Lord! How Could someone observe so intently when the child is just a day old? And this was asked by the mystical granny’s daughter and Bree’s mother too. But mystical granny waived a hand dismissing her daughter’s question without even giving it a thought.

Finally, after climbing down their very own but dilapidated tree-house,Tanya gave up, hit speed-dial 1 and……. no response. She walked back into the house and tried again. Moments passed and she heard a faint vibration on the low-leveled wooden teapoy, Bree’s smartphone was lying at home. Was it not essential these days to be a nomophobic?  She checked  the call-log. These best friends laughed on phrases like ‘intrusion of privacy’ and swore by ‘zilch-secrecy theory’. So, couple of missed calls from the GDS organizers and a few from Andy-the-freak who was Bree’s current semi-stalker from dance troupe. The smart phone vibrated, Tan clicked open and it was Andy-the-freak again, now sending some smitten texts.Tan could not figure out a place Bree could be right now. The usually cool headed and unspazzy Tanya was jittery. She almost hit the button for cops but something held her back.

[Still Monday (9 Dec) 3:00 P.M]

Bree opened her eyes. She wondered if she had just passed out for dieting so badly. She basically felt no flesh but certainly saw blood around her. She could not locate where she was at the moment. She remembered pouring out Tang and waiting for Tanya and after that nothing. She looked for her phone to navigate, ‘Thank God for smart-phones for locationally-challenged oafs she thought but did not find it. She felt a scathing pain in her rib. She was beat, she looked around and saw Andy-the-freak’s crazy grin!

She blinked and passed out again. Now she was not coming back…. that was last of reality for her.

[The long Monday (9 Dec) 3:20 P.M]

Bree felt light. She was not in a state of whatsit called? yes! Solidity. She wanted to scream out loud but she could not. She had no voice, no strength. She saw Andy-the-freak rocking on the rocking chair and staring at her lifeless body. She did not pass out, she had lost… Lost out badly….Battling like an epic war-woman who tried to save herself from the creep called Andy. Her lip curled into a smile though as she had not let him touch her… and he wouldn’t dare now, he was far too a coward.

Bree felt bad that she could not barge in and look at Tan’s face and have a mighty laugh. She had never seen Tan’s face so dull and pale..not once! Tanya and Bree were not twin-like with ditto personalities, as a matter of fact they were totally contrasting besties, an odd set of mates. She saw herself in Tan’s face. It was her expression Tan had worn and this Bree could not stand.

She saw Tan locking the huge creaking Mahagony door behind her and driving to the Cop-house. It took 3 days to locate Bree..rather her body….

Friday! (13 Dec) [10:00 P.M]

She still stood behind the drape… awaiting….She was hoping she could find a human in whom her soul could fit in.. She was pretty tiny you know. Could someone just lend their body for just an hour? The mundane existence of ‘human body’ was now standing against her dream of becoming the top-most dancer. She did not get the logic. How thanks to few layers of flesh, they were seen and called ‘living’ and suddenly now she was “dead” ?

She saw a computer-geek re-arranging the list for the big day ahead. They cannot mess up the show even though a contestant was dead. What’s that line? Oh! The show must go on…?!  On Monday it was ‘Bree’ on the list and now that comp-geek made that into Bree. !  That was easy she thought. She saw Tanya walking into the hall. She was waiting for this moment. She knew that Tanya would be there but now she had no reason to come the next day, She bid a tearless goodbye to her hyper and crazy Tanya. She was waving but Tanya did not turn. She just turned and walked away.

Bree saw Tanya’s silhouette fading away and she proceeded too!