Universally accepted?

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“Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho… Toh puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.” A line like this sounds extremely magical and positive when the King of Bollywood cinema, Shahrukh Khan, delivers an extremely cosmic dialogue in a highly romantic movie of his: Om Shanti Om.

Toying with the famous SRK line, here are some questions. They say you can give out vibes to the Universe and it absorbs them. Then it returns the favour by giving it back to you based on you feelers. For example, could a simple wish like, “How I wish I get a paid leave today!” Perhaps, on a broader spectrum, we can understand this as karma cafe. For those of you who are not aware of this word, rather the concept karma, it means resultant position based on a person’s deeds. But anyway, limiting it to the Universe, is it possible?

My query is how can just mere thoughts act as vibrations, give out signals to the Universe? There is enough information out there on the internet of course. There are also several websites that let users address their issues by leaving messages on their pages. Messages for instance, wherein a person can ask the Universe to help/grant him/her peace, joy and happiness and the like. There are forums where experts guide people to reach their goals with the assistance of Universe.

So, what then is this Universe? Setting aside the precise dictionary meaning, let us understand that Universe is basically everything. The good, bad and the ugly. So in this everything, we exist. We are a part of it, in an insignificantly tiny way. We belong in it. Even if in a nanoscopic, limited and mortal way, we are here in it. But, do we possess the power to poke this mammoth sized Universe and wake its reciprocity?  There are people who firmly believe in this process. This positive set of people opine that we all need to believe in this truth, in an undeterred way. And yes, we do get lucky when the Universe hears us and grants wishes. What would the famous Suits star, Harvey Specter say about something like this? His famous quote, “I don’t get lucky, I make my own luck.” gives us an angle of this world where people are too busy to be thinking that wishes come true by just wishing. Such practical people may call it delusional. They probably don’t believe that it can be so easy. They may think we are too minuscule for such kind of a cause and effect. Whereas, some have neither heard nor tested this theory. When asked, a friend said, “what is the harm in trying?”, while another one said, “you have to believe in it completely.” Be it yes or a no, by concluding, are we simplifying without actually paying attention as to what it could mean?

For some, it is a serious business. Practitioners believe that an individual needs to first make a wish. Let the wish settle within yourself and not just treat it like a whim. Make it a priority. Using your own centered positive energy, meditate upon it. This technique helps an individual in self-empowerment. The belief in ones own being and the existing energy increases. Human cognition is acknowledged as a greater force which can emit and attract energies. Having said so, there is no personal experience. A string of thoughts propelled into a write-up. For all we know, it could be a series of coincidences or it could actually work.

Should it be left for an SRK as a mere dialogue or start believing in it as an aftermath of Bollywood movie? Differing opinions do cause confusions. Shall we say, to each his own?


A Happy 2016!

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As per the Gregorian calendar, it was December till a day ago. 24 hours cannot possibly make a difference anytime else than on a New Year’s day. The sixty seconds between 11:59PM to 12:00PM has the mighty power to move on to a whole new year. The excitement and hope it brings with it and then carries forward is huge. But, having said so, we also find the clear divide between people; one set who celebrate and then the other half, which is quite pessimistic about it. Does Chandler Bing’s name from the famous American sitcom ring a bell, who boycotts every Pilgrim holiday so religiously? But, in the end, we see that the cynic in him dies as he celebrates a Thanksgiving evening with his friends in a cozy apartment.  Further of course, the clash of ideas between religious practices exist. I have heard numerous people wish on New Year’s day but that comes with an added clause; “This wish is according to ‘English’ calendar only.”. The point being, regardless of whatever kind of New Year it is, is it not a good chance to celebrate yet another day with your loved ones? A word of caution is that I may digress hereon.

With every New Year comes the invariable memory of the past year. As I type out this post on 1st January, 2016, I am trying to recollect my year of 2015. Speaking for myself, I can say that it was relatively a good year. I did see my growth bar rise in terms of getting a degree, switching careers, being able to pay bills etc. These are things in life that help a person’s learning curve, make him/her feel worthy and gives the strength to face the world. So, yes, they are certainly important to feel complete. But, is that all that is to life? What about love?

Love, for others, for self, for pets, for things we want to do, for making memories, is just as important as finding a ground professionally. As each year passes, we become more and more distant from people we love. Not literally, because you see Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp does not let us stay away. We cave-in to current trend and manage to be glued to everybody through these social platforms.  Are we actually able to “connect” to one another? Yes, Skpe makes it easy to chat with a friend who stays abroad, Whatsapp chats help us share everything and a Twitter portal transforms an ordinary person into an influential guru whom people can follow. But, isn’t this very magical power creating a mirage wherein we think we are together. But, are we?

We are actually living in an era wherein parents and children communicate via chat applications on mobiles whilst they live in the same house, sometimes the same room. Friends who catch-up after ages are bothered about who will check-in first or how to get the best ‘selfie’ for the hour. We can proudly say that we enjoy being slaves to our phones than share a decent conversation with a loved one.

Year by year, the power of Social media is increasing, but the importance of human value is depreciating. With introduction of mobile phones and various other gadgets, we have forgotten to love people who are for real, whereas we love their image on a social platform. We have forgotten to love ourselves and do things that give us happiness (minus of course being online).

Fortunately, there is still time. There are people out there who live for real. Although, such souls are now called outcastes. Why? Because, they are untouched, unfazed by this mirage. They do not fit-in, they are the ones who do not give a damn about getting likes on a new profile picture or uploading picture of a dish before they can eat and savour the taste. A film called ‘While we were young’ depicts a part wherein a young man decides to use the power of Social media and re-connect with his school-mate but the catch here is, they meet for real. To have an actual face-to-face conversation, for a real update. How cool is that?

With the New Year ringing in, it would be great to keep things real and not just online. Zuckerberg and Gates are supremely happy that the world is running according their plans. Why should they be the only winners here? Accommodating a way of life that is simple, real and not virtual would be like a breath of fresh air. Would it not be great to skip a chat with a friend on mobile and actually get around meeting each other? To sit down in the living room and share a family talk rather than staring at mobile screens?

Spread love, real love. Not that love tainted with a mere idea of togetherness. New Year should be about sharing values, experiences and making memories with each other rather than sharing a picture of it online. A very Happy New Year 2016, readers. Share some joy and most importantly, keep it real.

Love Thy Neighbour!

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How much is too much? It is difficult to assign a quantum when this question is thrown at you in the context of love and relationships. I have seen that more often it is people who accept to take up responsibilities are the ones to be blamed ultimately. Their lives are wrecked emotionally, mentally and physically. Because, they end up doing everything for everybody and they are sort of left with nothing for themselves. Is it unfair? Sure is! But who cares, things are happening smoothly for those who just throw a pile of mess on another person’s head and walk away merrily.

A friend told me that her mother was unwell, to an extent which is scary to even express. But, she had people calling her everyday and complaining about their own worries, something like they had migraine that day. She whatssap-ed me asking how this was fair? I understood perfectly what she was trying to express but I had no answer. I resonated, however, silence befell around me.

When I gave it a thought, it struck me that it is not that simple a problem. Normally, parents teach kids to be good, do good and all about good. But, some teach their kids to also get a hold on their lives firstly and then manage the rest. The rest who don’t share this magic potion are the kind of parents who are what I call the demigods on earth. What they want to do is simple: be available for the world all the time, regardless of gazillion personal matters they ought to solve first. They solve all the problems in this universe. I don’t really blame them for being so, as it is ingrained in their minds because their parents have taught to be so. Sadly, they did not taste that magic-potion I mentioned a little while ago.

What happens next? Such families give out the gold-picture. The head-of-the-family (fathers generally) beam with pride that society gives him credit to be “in-charge” of everything because he has the most understanding family. The wife always welcomes any number of guests with a smile and is never tired to make the hundreth cup of coffee even if she has chronic arthritis. The kids in such families are the ones who are obedient, disciplined, the famous head-bobblers who say ‘hello uncle/aunty’ every time a new guest walks in. After all guests walk out, unfolds the actual scene. Wherein the lady of the house is exhausted, the kids haven’t finished their homework because they spent all their time in saying hello. You see, constant influx of guests! They have to set the cooker just for one more time because it is finally them who are dining. Instead of a glass of wine, their side drink is endless whine.

Well, it is not the guest’s fault either. They think they have taken only half hour at their host’s place. They think it was just one cup of coffee/one lunch/one dinner/ one stay-over. How could it ever burden the host? Of course, this is what they innocently think. The catch here is that their logical explanation would make sense if it was just one guest. The host-house actually has to deal with 100 such guests every day.

So whose fault is it anyway? I am not sure. These families who chant the mantra of ‘athiti devobhava’ (guests are Gods) have been, are, and continue to be followers of this Great Indian Policy. They cannot salvage this situation. Because you see, they have a helpless need to help others, maintain stable guest-host-relationship sensex. And, talking against it is blasphemous. Because, as the Second Commandment says, ‘Thou shall love thy neighbour’. Period.


Who is Farhan Akhtar?

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fbThis piece is dear to me, it is special and it is so because it happens to be about Mr. Farhan Akhtar. So, Farhan is a Bollywood star to the world with some excellent and unforgettable roles, which began with Rock On and spreads till the latest film called Shaadi Ke Side Effects. His performance in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (a National Award winning film) proves his mettle as a true performer. The first time I watched Rock-On, I dragged every other person I knew to the theater to watch it just yet one more time. The music touched my soul, the chords of friendship in the film strengthened my very own relationships just like Dil Chahta Hai help me find true friends. My point here is, each of Farhan’s movies always helps stir an emotion which we would have taken for granted or forgotten that we have it within us. In my imagination, meeting him was like eating dessert. May be like a slice of heaven lasting for  a briefest moment but extremely worthy.

Soon came the first opportunity to watch his music-concert, which I knew would blow my mind and it did. But, the most incredible thing happened. I got to meet him moments before the concert and when I asked for a keep-sake autograph, he gladly signed and posed for pictures with no qualms. He talked, joked and made us all smile from within. Time froze yet I felt alive with his presence around. It was surreal, but he was before me. This moment was worthy to wish for a time-machine.

Well, I was not granted a time-machine but I got another chance to meet him few months later. I was lucky to be a part of a contest; Your Voice Their World, which is an initiative to lend voice to help the blind population by creating a digital audio-library. Unlike the mad-hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland, the event organized by #Omron was promising, certain, filled with goodness. What I did not expect is his unending charm and humour which he retained throughout the meet. As a lay person having read so much news about star tantrums, we tend to create a mental image about stars. But, Farhan was most friendly, unfazed by the overwhelming attention and the spotlight being on him. On the contrary, he broke the ice, managed to strike insightful conversations with everyone around and had encouraging words coming through. The two hours spent with him was pure happiness because it was all about poetry and a social cause. The difference between my first meet and the second was essentially the time-frame. Any star could make that quick shining impression within seconds and be sugar-sweet but, his presence, attitude in that milieu lasting for a substantial time convinces a fan like me that he is not pretentious, but is fan-friendly, smart in approach, funny with quick responses, sensitive to the subject and spontaneous. When I gifted him a collage I’d made, that mercury memory recognized the previous meet. He took time to even appreciate my effort. image(5)

Farhan, who is a multifaceted individual, is widely popular for his Bollywood movies, some of which he has Directed and Produced as well. He launched the #ZindaHoTum musical tour and #FarhanLiveBand has performed across the country and also international locations for the same purpose. The band has a huge fan-base from all over the world and its growing popularity will remain unmatched. The reason being their unique music, high energy and instant connection with almost all age groups. From a personal experience, what I witnessed in the Belgaum concert, I can assure that every single audience had the time of their lives. Even a child hummed the tunes effortlessly and craved for more. A grand-pa waited till the stage was empty and walked out with a hearty smile and twinkle in his eyes along with his wife. The over-night travel to the destination and the eventual time spent was worth every beat of life for me.

This ambidextrous guy is associated with various Social causes including the #YourVoiceTheirWorld initiative. His very own #Mard campaign which bears an objective to battle rape is a highly appreciable service.  His endeavour to meet new challenges and make a difference in the society is what makes him special from a battery of other stars. And his humility and honest work makes him a finer human-being. Wishing Farhan and his team all the luck for many more of such commendable activities. To sum-up, Farhan Akhtar cannot be described in countable adjectives nor can be listed under particular headings. A close encounter gives a beautiful experience which is inexplicable but can only be cherished.

P.S – He also gave me a message at my request.

Me: “If there is anything you could tell me, any piece of message about/for me?”

Farhan: “I don’t know what is that I could tell you, but you are a confident person and knows what she wants to do. With the support of your parents and your friends as you say they do, the world is your oyster.”

This remains the best message till date. 🙂 xoxo Shine On!

P.P.S – Thank you #Omron, #YVTW for this splendid opportunity. Your cause is noble, wishing grand success, may your project reach its zenith and help to fulfill the objective. 🙂 I’ve found great friends who deserved the victory. Congratulations to the winners. 🙂 @Prochy @Harshitha @Kanhaiya @Angad Special thanks to @Amiya and @Adee, a team equivalent to mammoth army! 🙂 I urge all my friends, family and dear ones to lend a voice and help this cause and optimize its potential!farhanomon-4b


In thoughts!

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When they met, it was always fireworks. People failed to get it, they thought it was love in disguise with a fake tag of friendship. Sitting with her favorite book, she sat at water’s edge in the city park. He still had a minute to maintain his streak of punctuality. So, she got back to reading. She flashed her perfect smile when she saw him. But, his greetings changed every single time. This time, he came in a buggy, which he had hired. It was about launching history in present times he said. When royalty etched style in the past why shouldn’t the commoners? He was chivalrous but never a sissy. He was romantic but also fierce. He was sensitive but also stood up when the moment called. He worked for the defense, a marine by choice, a smart-looker by genes and a competitive athlete by practice and a bibliophile, who was inspired by his mother. He held out his hand for her to step-up and said, “How are the Tuesdays with Morrie?”. She was re-reading the book ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’ and he knew how much she loved it. Morrie’s a star, Aaron, she said. They galloped away on that note.

Even though Ruth had spent half her lifetime in this city and she had visited this park more than she could remember, this ride on the buggy made it absolutely special. Something was new, fresh. Trees looked greener, the sky bluer, vibrant people surrounded and it felt like the wind was singing. But then, when she looked at him, he looked paler, his eyes looked lifeless and his stubble now had a hint of grey in it. She asked him if he was tired, he just shrugged and kept riding. When he stopped, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She jumped out like a kid, running towards the grand entrance. They were in front of the launch of ‘Litbee’, world’s biggest literary event. Walking inside was the most pleasurable thing she had done for sometime now. The fact that he had remembered, kept his promise which they had made years ago made it even more exciting for her.  It was every reader’s dream. It was a marathon of literary events. It was a place where authors came out of their cocoon and addressed their audience. It was the time when books found voices. It was a place to see people with copies of their favorite books in hand. It was where a person who loved a book could find his/her counterpart. It was as if you took a kid to ‘Sweet World’ and said, ‘pick your candy’. It was paradise.

Ruth was unable to decide where she should concentrate. Every event was better than the other. But, she was sure of one thing. That she had to meet Mitch Albom, who was the author of her favourite book, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’. To confirm his presence, they clicked the app machine and it said that he was in hall 17 which was located in the north-east corner of this mammoth venue. Even before she could ask where he wanted to head, he started pulling her towards her dream, currently in room 17. It was quite a task to get through the bustling crowd. When they finally got there, to her dismay, the room was empty. This was the only room which spat silence. She felt like this was the dirtiest joke anybody had played on her. When they re-checked the app, there were no changes in the location. All that excitement suddenly was insurmountable blankness. This was the first time when she saw a speechless Aaron, for which she couldn’t shout a score.

They made it back to the quadrangle and saw that a newly published author was giving a talk on ‘making your dreams come true’. The irony of the moment hit them with full force and they started laughing. They couldn’t  sit through this the self-help book launch. Walking out of this wonderful place seemed like a crime. So, they decided to get some lunch and just talk about their own stories. At least, the food was scrumptious, so they didn’t nibble on it. ‘So, how was Greece?’ she asked. ‘Too Greek’, he replied. It was beautiful, there was endless history and so many belief systems which people still followed. He told her many stories about his adventures where he took off solo on a boat to visit an island. He asked her, ‘Did you know that it is forbidden to spend a night on the island of Delos, for if you do, it is an insult to the Greek God, Apollo?’ She listened to him and rejoiced it. This was exactly why she admired him, because he made his work worth it. He made sure to learn where ever he went. When he spoke, no sentence was twice repeated, nothing was boring. He bubbled with confidence, he spoke to her in a voice which was happy, he looked into her eyes and made her forget the world. It was pure magic.

Hours rolled and it was already dusk. They still sat there, smiling, talking. Ruth’s phone came alive with Yanni’s ‘Love is all’ caller tune. It was a tele-caller asking if she wanted a new credit card. In spite of the call being disturbing, she laughed it off. All they saw around them was passion. People who loved to read, thought and made interesting conversations. The effect of wine was as deep as the colour of a deep, cloudy, indigo sky. She knew she wanted to only be tipsy and not drunk, so that she could remember every moment of this day. By midnight, they were ready to go. This time, she said she wanted to walk back. When they were walking out, someone dashed into Aaron and turned around to say sorry. ‘Is that really you?’ asked the dasher. ‘Yohan!, how are you?, asked Aaron. When they spoke for a while, Yohan told them that he knew that Mr. Mitch Albom, the author whom Ruth wanted to meet, had an emergency and so he wouldn’t be coming to the Litbee. Too bad, they thought. Nevertheless, they had a great day.

They reached her hostel and when they bid goodbye and promised to meet the next time he would visit the city, he said he had some news for her. He stared into her eyes and said, ‘I’m down with Cancer’. ‘And, I have a date with Mitch Albom’, she joked. When he did not laugh, she went numb.

Her favorite book, ‘Tuesdays..’, which glorified life when death was hovering and inching. The life which  the protagonist, Mr. Morrie Schwartz lives was one to look up to. A patient of an incurable neurological disorder, but he makes his rapidly decreasing life-span a worthwhile one. He becomes a hero out of ordinary, shares love, but, most importantly, becomes a teacher for life and inspires many by practicing living and not just preaching. Ruth failed to comprehend. She may have loved the book, but she couldn’t believe her friend for life, was battling a similar situation. Aaron was her hero, she was his biggest fan, friend, love and everything more. She wanted him to live like how Mitch Albom wanted Mr. Morrie to. She could finally fathom the pale look on his face.

‘I’m sure it can be cured.’, she said confidently. ‘Nothing can be said’, Aaron replied. ‘So, lets not, because I know, you will fight it out and you’ll tell me how awesome it is to be back like how you always tell me after returning from your trips.’ she said and hugged him with all her might. ‘You still cannot crush me, petite one’, he smirked. ‘I’m glad, but, I will help you crush that cancer.’ she said. ‘We’ll see.’ he said and kissed the top of her head. She saw that smile return to his face. Her phone lit up, she checked to see a tweet alert by Mitch Albom, which said, ”There is no such thing as ‘too late’ in life.” She smiled and showed it to him. He promised to her that she shall have her date with him sooner or later. ‘Before that, I’m waiting for our date,’ she smiled.

The Finding.

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She sat on the floor molding the clay for her project at school. Looking up, she asked her grandpa what a zoo meant. Placing aside his newspaper he explained to her that a zoological park is a place where different types of animals and birds are kept in a limited space and people could go and visit them there. Rasya just gave a plain nod and asked, ‘Do animals like to be in a zoo?’, before he could answer the question, she ran outside to play.  Grandpa just smiled behind her.

Helping-hand, an old age wellness care. It was a mammoth building erected during colonial times in a small town near Pondicherry.  Tall Oaks stood handsomely and provided all the serenity. The backyard echoed of crickets, birds and water flowing down the stream. The rich afforded this place, sending away those old parents who yearned for warmth of the family and the have-nots preferred this to streets.

Walking out, he reached the stream and saw Rasya making paper boats and letting them free in the water. Grandpa was the happiest this time of every weekend when he got to spend time with his only grandchild. His son visited only on his birthday or when grandpa wrote to him for a discussion. Rasya was sent every Sunday evening for a few hours and the little child looked forward for these visits.

Grandpa said, ‘No, the animals are not happy but they don’t have a choice. But they are looked after well and kept healthy in a zoo.’ She turned back and replied that she would like it if they were all sent back home to where they belonged. ‘So do I’, said grandpa.

She, a girl of five learned life’s most valuable lessons from him. She liked it that he considered her wise and never failed to answer any question she asked. He gave her books instead of chocolates every week. He taught her to speak in different languages and always kept her busy. There was never a moment wasted. He let her understand things in a simple way and she never disappointed him.

Grandpa asked her to write a happy line on each of the boat. She asked him why and for which he said if it reaches to an unknown person, would he not be thrilled to get a surprise note? She thought it was a great idea. Few boats were filled with hellos and few of them got drawings of smiles and flowers. She showed them to him and when he approved, they both sailed the newly built boats. She thanked him for this great idea. Grandpa told her that she was an endearing child herself. She did not fail to ask what that meant as well.

A while later, the driver hailed to pick up Rasya. It was time to go. She would meet her beloved grandpa next Sunday. Grandpa patted her and kissed her head. Waving out, she left with a smile.

In silence, he thought to himself. Was he happy? Was this old-age care center his zoo? Did it mean anything to his son? If it had to be called a selfish recreation to get him to meet him, then so be it. The worth of a human being reaching its lowest and unknown superficial expressions rising each day, where would it all lead to? Being a child, the innocence still intact, blaming the world to its depletion, was that correct?

But then, he had something which those caged up animals did not. Rasya was his answer to all the questions. With that, leaving behind those floating thoughts, he walked back to his abode. It would be another week, but it would be worth the wait.


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Kriya slept on the couch thinking he would be back. Earlier in the hour, they had fought fiercely. Like any couple in a relationship, it was nothing new. They had fought over the foot-rug near the front door to the venue of their wedding reception. For a moment, she thought why they had even started wedding talks. Nirvaan had officially not asked her to marry her. Although, she secretly hoped that he would. The huge clock struck to 12. She did not panic yet because this was not new. She had seen him storming out of arguments and reverting back, a better person, with explanations. It was just his trademark quality. All she did was hope that it would be the same this time as well.

Without realization, she fell asleep on the couch and when she woke up, it was dawn. The door still locked and some tissues lying around, she knew he was not back. He would not let anything untidy floating around. He was the cleaning genie. She frantically got up ringing his apartment and got through the wretched answering machine. She did leave a casual message asking him to return her call and loitered around cleaning the house for a change.

She hardly concentrated at work, tried him on his cell which was still switched off and the next thing she thought to do made her feel like some agent on a mission. Hunting him down in his usual places was like embarrassing a school kid by calling his pen name in front of all his friends. Hell, like she could ever do that to him. All she could do was just wait. This felt like the longest work day, hailing a taxi and returning home felt like bliss. She felt as though riding on a snail, if that were to be humanly possible. After feeling like she had spent a decade in that taxi, she reached home, paying up the fare, she ran up.

The red light blinking on the answering machine was a time-bomb inching closer to an explosion. When she hit read, it was from a bouquet store asking directions to reach her place. Strangely, she felt relieved for a minute but then it would just make an assumption that it was from him. She called back to confirm the address. Eating a tub of ice-cream nor her feng shui soothers helped her. When the bell rang, she desperately hoped it would be him.

She sat on the floor squatting. She knew it was from him, the 25 orchids spoke for themselves. The previous time it was 24 and each time when she got them, one extra flower got added. It stood for the number of times he had sent flowers to her. They looked so appealing, fresh, just plucked for her. She was glad about the flowers but part of her wanted to see him in person.

When nothing more could feel worse, she drove out to the beach. Strangely, it looked very different that evening. This part of the beach was almost deserted and people rarely ventured out but it was lit up, glittery and annoyingly beautiful. Strolling around, she desperately looked for a tranquil spot. But every inch of it was decorated. When she retraced the path backwards, she saw candles lit up. She saw a strong yet aesthetic set-up. Transparent curtains attached. A make-do shack just like how she had always wanted to be done. When she neared it, she smelt coffee on a low table. With a quilt and cushions around, it was like coming out of her diary of expressions. Even after falling for the created ambience, she could not find the maker behind all this.

When she gazed, at the far end, she saw what she had been wanting to for the last 24 hours. She knew his stance, she knew even if the Sun hit on his hair, it still looked black. She recognized the hoodie and his favorite jeans. She tapped gently on his back from behind. He turned around. When he smiled, she thought, it was surreal. It was that grin which would always make her weak and forgive him.

They sat down in the shack. When he asked her, if what he had created came close to what she had imagined, she had no option but to say that it was much better. Handing her the coffee cup, he began to apologize and said he did not mean to shock her. She stopped him and asked him how did he know that she would come here at this time so surely. He said the fact that she was there proves his conviction.

She sat next to him, head resting on his shoulder. The coffee steamed down and so did her stress with the setting Sun. When she turned to look at his face, he smiled and kissed her on the forehead and whispered a sorry. Feeling almost perfect, she got up to her feet and walked on the sand towards the rising waves.

He called out for her and asked, ‘One more thing! Will you marry me?’